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Saxon Spencer Capital appreciates that real estate and mortgage professionals are an essential part of our nationwide network 

Rewards Program

Saxon Spencer Capital offers a unique Broker Rewards Program. Approved Brokers who reach predetermined closed transaction targets shall be eligible to qualify for any of the  rewards listed below. 

Brokers Protected

Fast Pre-Approvals

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Direct  Lender

*Rewards Program only applicable on *Qualifying Loans.

Terms, Conditions & Definitions:


  • Approved Broker: An Approved Broker has completed the On-Line Registration Form below and has submitted an executed Referring Broker Agreement which has been accepted and approved by Saxon Spencer Capital. This offer is not to any Saxon Spencer Capital employee or their immediate family members. Saxon Spencer Capital Reviews

  • Qualifying Loan: A Qualifying Loan will be the FIRST loan offer presented by Saxon Spencer Capital on any new loan scenario.  In the event Saxon Spencer Capital shall lower the interest rate and/or the Origination Fee to meet the needs of the Borrower; such loan shall no longer be a Qualifying Loan.  Saxon Spencer Capital may in its sole discretion allow a non-Qualifying Loan to be included in this Rewards offer and will notify the referring Broker if such exemption is granted. 

  • Predetermined:  Predetermined shall be as defined on the Saxon Spencer Capital website “Brokers” page.

  • Offers cannot be combined.  Only ONE qualifying Reward during any Reward Period, only one individual broker per firm.  If Broker fails to notify contest holder of its eligibility within 30 days, broker forfeits their chance at winning. Eligibility may be revoked at the sole discretion of SSC based on consideration of unusual conduct, or on the basis of the use of unfair, unrecognized, or illegal activity.  SSC has the right to end this promotion at any time for any reason.

  • Once Broker Reward has been approved, new cycle shall commence for next qualifying Reward on the 1st day of the following month

  • Rewards will be delivered within 60-days of eligibility Saxon Spencer Capital Reviews

  • Broker agrees to have their name and pictures listed in any applicable announcement on Saxon Spencer Capital Website and/or social media that they did qualify and receive their Reward.

  • If any specific loan does not qualify due to discounted rate or origination fee, then Saxon Spencer Capital will advise Broker said loan is exempt from this offer Saxon Spencer Capital Reviews

  • If Transactions are not closed consecutively, then this offer shall not apply (subject to management approval, a specific loan may roll over if loan is submitted during the qualifying time frameSaxon Spencer Capital Reviews

  • Rewards may change at Saxon Spencer Capital’s sole discretion based on availability.  Substitutions may be made for comparable item

  • Saxon Spencer Capital reserves the right to cancel or change this Rewards Program at any time and without notice.  Any applicable submissions prior to any changes being made will be honored.  

  • Only Approved Brokers by Saxon spencer Capital qualify for this promotion

  • Approved Broker may request cash in lieu of Reward however the cash value shall be capped at 70% of Saxon Spencer Capital’s contracted cost price

  • Broker Rewards Program only available to approved brokers who are within the continental United States. Any US Territories outside of the continental United States are exempt from this Rewards Program. 

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