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Advantages of Refinancing


If you’re looking to grow your real estate portfolio or increase the value of your current property, what are your options?

You could sell your investment property, but there’s the risk of not getting the full value if you sell too early or if the property needs improvements to increase its potential value. If your investment property requires value-add renovations, what are your options if you do not have the necessary funds?  Finding a solution to these problems could be solved by refinancing your investment real estate

What are the advantages of refinancing? Below explores several advantages of refinancing your investment real estate and how refinancing can benefit you as an investor.

1)  If you wish to leverage the equity you’ve already built into your investment property, exploring a cash-out refinance is a positive strategy. With a cash-out refinance, you can cash-out up to 75% of the property’s as is value. This is an appealing option because it allows you to extract liquidity straight out of your investment property, which can then be used to purchase further investment properties and grow your portfolio.

2)  Cash-Out Refinance for Rehab. If you’re looking into refinancing your investment property, such funds may be used for renovation and improvements. There are many options to borrow against the future ARV (After Repair Value) of your investment real estate. 


Saxon Spencer Capital is a leading provider for real estate investors nationwide. We make it easy to finance your commercial, multifamily and residential investments. Saxon Spencer Capital’s loan programs offers investors both stabilized and value-add options for their investment properties.

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